In English Archive 2003-2013

There are many more features, reviews, and anatomies in English in our extensive archive covering the period 2003-2013.



November 2013: Names and Naming in John Ford

September 2013: Modish Artifice versus Modern Art

April 2013: Deconstructing Expressionism: Antonioni’s Film of L’avventura

January 2013: The Oscar Deception


September 2012: Harry Horner’s Visual Design Program for Walter Hill’s The Driver

Juni 2012: Battlestar Galactica: Not Your Father’s Sci-Fi

Februar 2012: The Biography of Great Men – The Political Biopic in America


September 2011: With an Attitude

Juni 2011: The Branding of an Author: William Castle and the Auteur Theory

April 2011: Identification: a Four-phase Model

Februar 2011: It’s not TV – or is it?


November 2010: Antonioni Pirouette

September 2010: What is Modern Cinema?

Juni 2010: Eat your neighbour

April 2010: Cutting and Film

Februar 2010: The Nursemaid’s Buckle


November 2009: The Art of Hunger: re-defining Third Cinema

September 2009: Love and Adversity: Borzage and Silent Melodrama

Juni 2009: The Handheld Digital Camera Aesthetics of The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield (via Strange Days)

April 2009: The ironies of Bollywood

Februar 2009: Camera Movement Revisited


November 2008: Towards an Aesthetic of Slow in Contemporary Cinema

September 2008:Neurosis Hotel

Juni 2008: The Real Thing is Something Else

April 2008: The Big Swede: The Tribulations of a Dane in 1920s Hollywood

Februar 2008: Gremlins in the Mix


November 2007: After Hours on the Miracle Mile: The Logic of Nightmares in Film

September 2007: Given Circumstances: The East Asian Cinema of Akira Kurosawa, Part 2

June 2007 : Given Circumstances: The East Asian Cinema of Akira Kurosawa, Part 1

April 2007 : The “Wondrous Truth” of Microcosmos

Februar 2007: The Original Function of Groucho Marx’s Resignation Joke


November 2006: The Sound of Sentiment: Popular Music, Film, and Emotion

September 2006: On Reflection: Mirror and Me

July 2006: The Artist and the Killer: Fritz Lang’s Cinema of the Hand

April 2006: Tashlinesquerie

Februar 2006: Impressions of Violence, Moments of Witness


September 2005: A Larry Clark Portrait

June 2005: Up Close and Impersonal: Hal Hartley and the Persistence of Tradition

April 2005: Shadowplays: Tod Browning’s ‘Dracula’ and Karl Freund’s ‘The Mummy’

Februar 2005: Bordwell on Bordwell: Part IV –  Levels of Engagement


November 2004: Bordwell on Bordwell: Part III – Writing On Film Style

September 2004: Bordwell on Bordwell: Part II – Functions of Film Style

Juni 2004: Bordwell on Bordwell: Part I – Hitchcock, Hartley and the Poetics of Cinema

April 2004: Melodrama, Tears, and Life of Oharu

February 2004: Abbas Kiarostami: The Earth Trembles


November 2003: Fucking monsters: post-apocalyptic desire in Tim Roth’s The War Zone

September 2003: Same Tune Again!

June 2003: Medium Shot Gestures: Vincente Minnelli and Some Came Running