‘Girls Are the New Men’: An Interview with Pawel Pawlikowski

INTERVIEW. After cutting his teeth as a filmmaker with a series of acclaimed documentaries for the BBC during the 1990s, Pawel Pawlikowski (born 1957) was named Most Promising Newcomer by BAFTA for his feature début Last Resort (2000); the follow-up, My Summer of Love (2004), won the BAFTA award for Best British Film of the Year. But neither picture felt obviously British, since each reflected a border-zone existence (literal or figurative) in a sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrific country. Indeed, both of these films are imbued with the sometimes wry, often sardonic spirit of the Czech New Wave of the 1960s; accordingly, each is less a convoluted narrative than a fable-like character study more preoccupied with the “unrepeatable” moments offered by idiosyncratic actors than with the idolization of glamorous stars.

At redde verden, men tabe sig selv – interview med Peter...

FEATURE. ”Fortællingen om en mand, der redder verden fra atomkrig, men ikke kan redde sin egen familie fascinerede mig meget”. Peter Anthony har med den bodil- og Robert vindende The Man Who Saved the World, begået en bemærkelsesværdig dokumentar. I dette interview fortæller han om formmæssige valg og overvejelser i løbet af de 10 år, det tog at lave filmen.