16:9 in English

16:9 is a Danish journal of film studies. Approximately five times a year we feature an article in English by a renowned film scholar.

Please contact editor Jakob Isak Nielsen or editor Jan Oxholm for more information or if you have material that you want us to consider for publication.

Peer review

16:9’s peer review process is double-blind. It applies to articles only. The peer review is presented in the form of a grading system from A to D:

  • A. Publishable
  • B. Publishable with minor alterations
  • C. Publishable with major alterations
  • D. Not publishable

The grade will be accompanied by a brief review (approximately 1-2 pages) that includes all suggested alterations. The following questions will be the focus of the review:

  1. Is the topic clearly articulated?
  2. Does the article raise relevant questions?
  3. Is the article written in a clear language?
  4. Is new information brought to light?
  5. Is the article interesting from a methodological and/or theoretical perspective?
  6. Is the argumentation clear and precise?
  7. Are the headings good and catchy?
  8. How can the article be improved (e.g. structure, readibility, topics, sources)?
  9. Other comments

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