When Television Grew Up: David Simon, Modern America and the Maturing...

FEATURE. The showrunner David Simon was a central flagship for HBO, when they revolutionized the TV-landscape in the beginning of the 2000s, and even in the highly competitive streaming landscape of today he continues to create relevant drama series that often utilize the past to comment on the present. In this interview, Simon talkes about his approach to realism and long-form storytelling and his views on the changes in American society and the American TV landscape.

Bikinibabes og automatvåben i neonland

FEATURE. Ambivalens og forvirring er kodeord for seerens oplevelse af Harmony Korines neonfarvede Spring Breakers, der foregår under Floridas hede sol. Men Korine har ikke fået solstik – han leger derimod kispus med en lang række filmiske klichéer. Peter Raagaard forklarer i denne feature hvordan.