Bag sorte gardiner: Det fængslende og fascinerende format 1:1

VIDEO-ESSAY. Jan Oxholm kaster et blik på det usædvanlige format 1:1 i det psykologiske drama, Mommy (2014). Brugen af klaustrofobiske kvadrater er et genialt greb af den unge instruktør, Xavier Dolan, som burer sine karakterer inde bag billedformatets sorte gardiner.

169 Seconds: Mastering Dialogue – American Crime

169 SECONDS. In the first example of our new audiovisual format, 169 Seconds, Andreas Halskov presents a condensed analysis of the alternative and experimental dialogues in American Crime (ABC, 2015-2017).

169 Seconds: Double Nostalgia in The Queen’s Gambit

169 SECONDS. Jaap Kooijman’s audiovisual essay “Double Nostalgia in The Queen’s Gambit” focuses on one specific montage sequence in the 2020 Netflix series, which uses Shocking Blue’s 1969 song “Venus” as soundtrack. The use of the song and its music video not only expresses the emotional state of the protagonist, but also raises questions about watching music television as a cultural practice.

169 Seconds: Improbable Dialogisms or Dancing as an Act of Defiance

169 SECONDS. At 16:9 we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year with a series of 169 Seconds video essays about films, series, documentaries, etc. made since the journal was launched in 2003. In this first installment, Barbara Zecchi traces unlikely intertextual connections between four notable dance scenes in Dogtooth, Raw, Titane and Ema.