Steen Kaargaard Nielsen

Steen Kaargaard Nielsen (b. 1964). Associate Professor at the School of Communication and Culture – Dramaturgy and Musicology, Aarhus University, Denmark. Specializes in various areas of 20th and 21st century music ranging from art music over film music to forays into popular music. Most subjects are linked by a prominent interest in phonographic music, both historical and contemporary, and the cultural practices involved in both its production and use. His phonomusicological publications include 'A change of scene: On the phonographic reconceptualization of the Broadway musical in the 1940s as reflected in commercial Kurt Weill cast recordings' (2005), 'Wife murder as child's game: Analytical reflections on Eminem's performative self-dramatization' (2007), ‘“And incidentally, the score is quite beautiful”: Work conceptual reflections on the phonographic re-mediations of Max Steiner’s symphonic film score for Gone with the Wind (1939) as soundtrack album’ (2008), 'Fra Oklahoma! til Beauty and the Beast: Original Broadway Cast-albummet som fonografisk genre I' (2010), 'En søndag i studiet med Goddard : Original Broadway Cast-albummet som fonografisk genre II' (2011), with Mads Krogh 'Spillover Censorship : The Globalization of US Corporate Music Self-Censorship' (2017), and 'The Cautionary Tale of Emil Holm and the Gramophone : Controversial(ised) Uses of Recorded Music and Music Recording in Danish Radio Broadcasting Before the Second World War' (2018). He recently co-authored a monograph on the earliest Danish sound recordings Danmarks første lydoptagelser – Edisons fonograf i 1890'ernes København (2017).

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