Paul Spicer

Currently, Paul is a Lecturer within the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, at Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Hiroshima, Japan. His research focuses primarily on Japanese film history and culture, but he has also presented and written on 1970's Japanese sub-cultures, and popular music. At present, he is working on a 3 year, Japanese Government funded research project (科研費), which seeks to investigate the films of Kenji Mizoguchi, exploring the director’s work in both cultural and historical contexts. This project involves the promotion, across Japan and internationally, of Mizoguchi’s films and their relationship with traditional Japanese arts, history, and culture. In addition to his work on Japanese film, he has also written articles for the UK based music magazine ‘Louder than War’, and has recently composed a chapter on British singer/songwriter, Paul Weller, which will be published this year in a forthcoming book on spirituality/religion and the sacred in popular music.

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