16:9 Talks: Michael Ruscio

Michael Ruscio is an acclaimed film and TV editor from the US. Currently, you can see his work in the thrilling TV series adaptation Your Honor (Showtime, 2020-), but he was also an active part of the cable revolution in the late 1990s and early 2000s, working on modern classics like The Sopranos (HBO, 1999-2007) and Six Feet Under (HBO, 2001-2005). In this interview, Ruscio talks about his work on those two series, about death as a central theme, and about the respective approaches of the two showrunners: Alan Ball and David Chase. The interview was conducted in Los Angeles in April, 2019, as part of a joint venture between 16:9, Kim Sørensen and VI ELSKER SERIER.

* * *


  • Interviewer: Andreas Halskov
  • Cinematography: Jan Oxholm & Lasse Lorenzen
  • Editing: Jan Oxholm

Excerpts from: The Sopranos, pilot episode © David Chase, HBO, The Sopranos, Ep. 6:21 (“Made in America”) © David Chase, HBO, Six Feet Under, pilot episode © Alan Ball, HBO, Six Feet Under, Ep. 1:5 (“An Open Book”) © Alan Ball, HBO, Six Feet Under, Ep. 4:3 (“Parallel Play”) © Alan Ball, HBO, Six Feet Under, Ep. 5:12 (“Everyone’s Waiting”) © Alan Ball, HBO.