169 Seconds: Mastering Dialogue – American Crime

David Chase once described television as a “prisoner of dialogue,” and dialogue scenes are still, to this day, a central and predominant part of many TV series. In some TV series, however, there is an experimental approach to dialogues ─ an approach that breaks with the traditional master shot technique and the conventional privileging of voices and words. In this audiovisual essay ─ the first example in a new line of condensed audiovisual breakdowns called 169 Seconds ─Andreas Halskov illustrates the alternative approaches to dialogues and staging in American Crime (ABC, 2015-2017).

* * *



  • Script and narration: Andreas Halskov
  • Editing: Jan Oxholm
  • Title Design: Thomas Schwartz Larsen
  • Music: Mathias Bonde Korsgaard
  • Case: John Ridley, American Crime (ABC, 2015-2019)