Telescopic Intimacy

In their lyrical and philosophical video essay, “Telescopic Intimacy”, Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin explore the works of avant-garde filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin. Aesthetically captivating and conceptually interesting, Dwoskin’s films focus on the nuances of the human face and the complexities of the visual gaze. Through unusual shots and enigmatic close-ups, Dwoskin creates a special form of “telescopic intimacy”, revolving around themes such as longing and desire, closeness and alienation, the subject and the ‘other’.

* * *


  • ScreenplayCristina Álvarez López & Adrian Martin
  • Production and editing: Cristina Álvarez López & Adrian Martin
  • Narration: Cristina Álvarez López.

Excerpts from

  • Dyn Amo (1972)
  • Behindert (1974)
  • The Silent Cry (1977)
  • The Sun and the Moon (2007).

Cristina Álvarez López is a film critic and teacher at the EQZE Film School (Spain). She was co-founder of the Spanish online film journal Transit: Cine y otros desvíos, and has written for Sight and Sound, MUBI Notebook, Shangri-la, LOLA, Screening the Past, and Screen Education, and in books on Chantal Akerman, Bong Joon-ho, Philippe Garrel and Paul Schrader.

Adrian Martin is Adjunct Associate Professor of Film and Screen Studies at Monash University (Australia) and a teacher at the EQZE Film School (Spain). He is the author of ten books, most recently Filmmakers Thinking (EQZE, 2022) and Mysteries of Cinema (2018/2020). His website, containing 3,000 reviews and articles, is at:

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