169 Seconds: Previously on Perry Mason

In 1957 the crime writer Erle Gardner’s popular defense lawyer Perry Mason got his own tv-series. The HBO-version of Perry Mason is a prequel that tells the story of how Perry Mason, the private investigator, became Perry Mason, the defense lawyer, reinterpreting the character along the way. In this second edition of the 169 Seconds audiovisual format, Henrik Højer analyzes a scene from the last episode. A scene that never takes place at the diegetic level but which nevertheless serves two important purposes in the context of the series [SPOILER ALERT!].

* * *



  • Script and narration: Henrik Højer
  • Editing: Jan Oxholm
  • Title Design: Thomas Schwartz Larsen
  • Music: Mathias Bonde Korsgaard
  • Excerpts from Perry Mason 1.1 (HBO, 2020- ) and Perry Mason (CBS, 1957-1966).