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LE CAIN, Maximilian

Maximilian Le Cain is a filmmaker and critic based in Cork, Ireland. His short films include Kingdom of the Shadows (2002), Dead Time (2003) and Another Last Glimpse (2004). His articles have frequently appeared in Senses of Cinema. He has also written for, among others, Film Ireland, Rouge and the Maurice Pialat website. He is a contributor to Kill Bill: An Unofficial Casebook (D.K. Holm, Glitter Books, 2005) and a forthcoming book of essays on Roman Polanski (ed. John Orr and Elzbieta Ostrowska, Wallflower Press, 2005). He is currently writing a book on the films and videos of James Fotopoulos.


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September 2006: On Reflection: Mirror and Me
April 2005: Shadowplays: Tod Browning's 'Dracula' and Karl Freund's 'The Mummy'


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