The Origins of Ruben Östlund’s Long-Take Style

VIDEO-ESSAY. Having won the Palme d’Or in 2017, it is no surprise that Ruben Östlund draws from other prizewinning directors like Michael Haneke and Roy Andersson. But you wouldn’t expect a Palme d’Or-winning director to find stylistic inspiration in skiing films and on YouTube. Mathias Bonde Korsgaard traces the unlikely origins of Östlund’s long-take style.

Echoes of the Past: Popular Music and Nostalgia in Modern Television...

VIDEO-ESSAY. Referring to modern drama series like Stranger Things, The Americans and Show Me a Hero, Andreas Halskov explores the connections between nostalgia and period-specific popular music, arguing that nostalgic pop- and rock-scores illustrate a tendency in modern society and television. A trend that television networks and on-demand services try to monetize, more or less strategically.

Road to Nowhere: Stuck on the Freeway in Los Angeles

VIDEO-ESSAY. The freeway is the icon by which Los Angeles is described. But it is also associated with identity crisis and lonely souls in an endless traffic jam. In this audiovisual essay, Jan Oxholm explores the dramatic use of the Los Angeles freeway in Hollywood cinema and arthouse films dealing with urban alienation.